Leyla is 23, transsexual and works as a prostitute in Freiburg. In the large portrait, she tells us frankly how she got to this job, what she feels when she serves her customers and what limits they have to observe. The report of a woman whose profession is still not accepted by large sections of society. When I was 18, I started working as a prostitute. After finishing secondary school, I trained as a nail designer and initially worked in this profession as well. Soon I got into financial difficulties and looked around for other ways to earn money. The aunt of a friend worked as a prostitute and made me curious. I gained my first experience in an erotic massage salon. There erotic strokes are distributed, but there is no nude. At some point I ended up in a brothel. I still remember my first day there very well. When my advertisement appeared in the advertising paper, I was bombarded with inquiries. I was the first transsexual prostitute in Freiburg. I am a woman, but with a penis. My boss at the time threw me in the deep end. She explained the rules to me only briefly: Never without rubber and dont get your tongue stuck in your throat, its disgusting. Then she sent me straight to the room with the first guest. I was shy, excited and relieved when the hour was finally over. When the customer left, I had 500 Euro cash on my hand and a strange feeling in my stomach. My colleagues sent me to the shower and I simply washed off the guest and the disgust.

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On the first day I had 15 customers and at some point I stopped thinking. In the evening I was completely finished. I didnt want to get out of the shower anymore. Then I counted my money and saw that it was worth it. Although I found the money dirty, it has been the most successful day to date. Even now I sometimes dont feel good about it. I am still young, and at my age you actually have other dreams and goals than sleeping in a brothel with strange men. In the past five years I have therefore not worked exclusively as a prostitute. I need variety and time for social contacts. Otherwise this job will break you at some point. I also worked as a nail designer, dancer, saleswoman or in a call centre. On the weekends I earned extra money in the brothel. At the moment I am a door and telephone lady and a prostitute on the side. I work seven days a week, often between 12 and 14 hours a day. I used to earn at least 600 euros a day. Meanwhile I do not earn the money so easily anymore. Not so many customers come anymore. And those who come are becoming more and more difficult and demanding. Besides, the competition does not sleep, the Romanian girls on the street are doing the same service that we offer here in the shop, at half price. For me the quarter of an hour without extras costs 60 Euros, for those perhaps 30 Euros completely. Since 2006, I have had to pay a flat-rate tax of 25 euros per day in addition to my room rent, regardless of how much I earn at all. So there is not much left on bad days. Until a year ago I had health insurance, but now I can no longer afford it. The statutory health insurances dont want me as a prostitute anyway. Although I am not ill more often than the other insured. The profession still attracts me, on the one hand because I can earn a lot of money on good days. I am not a savings type, but like to spend money and can then afford a lot. On the other hand, you can allow yourself a certain comfort and freedom: if I dont want to work, I just let it stay a day or two. Or, after a few good weeks, I spontaneously go on holiday. As a transsexual prostitute, I have a special customer base. Most of them are between mid-20s and mid-40s, younger men are rare. You cant assign my guests clearly to a sexual category, there are TS lovers and bisexual men, but also others who are simply curious and want to try something new. Interestingly, many foreigners come. In their cultures homosexuality is probably an even bigger taboo than here. Then they live out their preferences with me. Almost everyone is driven mad by the idea of having oral sex with a transsexual. And, of course, anal intercourse is a big issue with men. Already in the preliminary talk I notice, how the guest is so on it. In the past, it didnt matter to me. If the price was right, I took pretty much every guest. Also my service was very extensive. But if someone comes today who disgusts me or is an absolute macho who doesnt want to accept my rules, I send them away. Otherwise it will be too exhausting in the long run. An absolute no-go is traffic without contraception. My health is too good for me, and its forbidden here in the house. Some men bring me a medical certificate, but that doesnt change anything. Oral intercourse without a condom is almost impossible. For me, tongue kisses are also taboo, that would be simply disgusting with some guests. Besides, kissing is something very intimate for me, I save it for my partner at home. Weve had some bad experiences. One guest was so rough and aggressive that he seriously injured me in traffic. I freaked out, threw him out of the house naked and threw his clothes out the window. I didnt care if he had paid. There are limits. But I also have guests who just want to talk. They pay the full service and then tell me about their family, marriage and job. I have a regular customer who always books several hours. He is nice, well-groomed and tender. Not only do we have sex, we also talk, dance, order something to eat. These are the guests you like to receive. Some people also want to meet me privately, but no matter how nice I find them, thats only possible on a business level. So against payment. Like most other professionals, I separate business from private. Sure, sometimes one comes exactly to my taste, but I find the idea sad that you get to know your partner in a brothel. I earn money with my transsexuality, but I dont live it that way privately but sexually. Finding a partner who accepts my job in this way may be more difficult than with others, but it works. I wouldnt call the men I sleep with privately or am with bisexually either. They only live this bisexuality in bed and very rarely here. In general, I dont want my partner to have much to do with my penis. He falls in love with a woman. As soon as I am dressed, I am a normal female. The only thing missing is the icing on the cake, the gender-matching operation. Thats why I dont see the penis as part of me and it doesnt turn me on when my partner brings it into play during sex.

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In business I dont let myself go when having sex with customers, I certainly dont have any fun with the suitor. Its just assembly line work, routine. There may be girls who are nymphomaniac and like to sleep with men, but thats rare. For example, I like to think about the bills the guy is paying me during the act. This creates the necessary distance. If the customer would like it, I also fake an orgasm if necessary. I explain the lack of ejaculation with the consequences of hormone treatment. My family doesnt know that I work as a prostitute, and Im happy to keep it that way. My parents are strict Italians and have had difficulties with sex change. Today I still have occasional contact, but I am not a big family man. I hardly have any friends from my youth. Many did not get along with the fact that from their buddy suddenly a good friend should become. In the meantime I am no longer interested in what people think of me. That already restricted me enough in the past. I always wanted to look as feminine on the outside as I felt, and I put on make-up for hours and dressed very exaggeratedly. When I was 16, I started hormone treatment, later came breast surgery and laser treatment. I earned the money with prostitution. And with a little patience and spit, the surgery should follow as soon as possible. Otherwise I feel quite comfortable in my body. It is my capital, so I do a lot of sports and pay a lot of attention to my diet. I hardly believe that an overweight transsexual would earn much money. I had always intended to stop prostitution as soon as I was debt-free. But at the moment I cannot imagine it. At some point, of course, you are out of age. Then maybe the right partner will come. For him I want to be a normal woman who is at home in the evening.

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I dont know if I will have children one day. Just the idea that my daughter could find out that I had prostituted myself and would want to try it out for myself is very bad for me. I would never allow that. In my application for the job afterwards it will certainly not say that I worked as a prostitute. Although it has become a legal profession according to the law, it is obviously not accepted in society. My boss in the call center, for example, found pictures of me on the Internet and then quit. Although she had told me several times before that I was an exemplary employee.

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